Life’s Pleasures

Photo by Patricia 4/26/21

The morning is dark but balmy. Opening windows to let the overheated house come back down to livable temperatures, the cat enjoys going in and out to the back porch as she pleases.

My routine is so odd, yet my body likes it. Up hours before Samuel, my time is my own with no one telling me how to live it. Writing, meditating, time under the full spectrum lights, and yesterday venturing out even earlier when it was almost too dark to see.

But such great pleasure in that. While resting by the creek looking up, a space in the clouds revealed a partial moon perfectly bright as if smiling at me. Without my camera, I can only show a full one but with the same coloring as yesterday’s thick finger nail moon.

Finishing meadow laps a sit is again my reward. A squirrel surprisingly ran right in front of my feet! Then ran up the tree looking down at me as if to say, where did you come from?

Communing with nature brings me home to myself Much of my day is lived before Samuel even gets up. All pleasures, all respite from a chaotic world are found right here at home.

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