LAVENDER and other garden goodies…


So drawn to the scent of lavender I’ve planted as many of them in my little gardens as possible. When googling ‘lavender qualities’ the information matched the feelings experienced when rubbing the leaves under my nose or spraying my pillow at night with the oils of this wonderful plant.  

“Lavender oil is believed to have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties which can be used to help heal minor burns and bug bites. Research has revealed that the essential oil of lavender may be useful for treating anxietyinsomnia, depression, and restlessness.”

“Research has confirmed that lavender produces slight calmingsoothing, and sedative effects when its scent is inhaled.”

Slogging through the mud on the meadow path wishing for green and feeling sorry for the row of pines standing in pools of water, my wishes are granted. All the wild honeysuckle along the hedgerow have little green buds… I dream of green, and growth and flowers. One little vase of miniature daffodils were available to pick, so it’s coming!

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