This is the last of the collection of mosaics since the process began. Now? Back to butterflies!





My mother may not have offered dance classes, but she did allow me to have a horse in the backyard. She had her friend put up electric wire from the garage to the side yard turning it into a pasture.

The first animal I had was a pony, but I kept it down the road at the old barn behind Grandma’s house. I stayed overnight in the winter at Grandma’s so I could carry buckets of water to the barn from the house because the nights would freeze the water. It had to be replaced frequently. I trudged through the snow and back before the bus came.

No one monitored my goings on, how I took care of it, fed it, nothing. I did it all on my own, tethering it to a post with a chain in the meadow during the day, and keeping him in the barn at night where the cows once were barred in. 

Then she allowed me to trade up for my horse and keep her right at home. I gathered corncobs from the neighboring field after the farmer had harvested, filling up wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow. I paid for the hay and straw with my babysitting money. 

My ponies and horse made my childhood livable filling it with wonder and miracle… During later years, while raising the boys, I bought my horse Missy, and a pony for Shane, Joey. We had many pleasurable rides together. But once Shane became an adolescent turning teenager, he then wanted rides on things with motors. I became a solo rider, and that was OK too…




I have as much lavender growing in my little gardens as I can fit in them. The scent soothes going straight to my core. I rub it’s oils under my nose, as well as the sage and mint. Nature’s perfume! Lavender is an anxiety reliever, sage boosts happiness and mint relieves headaches. Though I’m not prone to those, I love mint anyway. 

I made several mosaics depicting lavender. Blue tiles were soaked in purple paint. One finished piece with an 8 sided frame went to my daughter-in-law, another to my massage therapist whose logo is a bouquet of lavender, one to Don, the father-like brother, and one for me…

Picture 038

Picture 001

Picture 014


Picture 128


Cory, my son, and my nephew, are both excellent guitar players. So I made two of these and in addition a guitar for Cory. I find fitting silhouettes on google images. Cory enlarges them from wherever he may be living at the time; Albany, Hartford, London, now Boston. Some of my projects spit off 4-6 pages from the printer that I tape together to make the whole. 

I love the internet. That Cory can do this from wherever in the world he may be astounds and delights me. Any time I have an issue with my computer we screen share. Or, more accurately, I allow him control of my computer and he fixes it as we talk on the phone at the same time. I watch as he handles my mouse and it just whizzes. Then voila! Repaired.

All three of these pieces are large and took his skills to make templates for. I then tape trace, cut. The first tiles used here are thick. I learned in later batches to roll thinner.  which encourage more intricate designs. 



Picture 0ppp09

Picture 061

Picture 070

The GUITAR is a conglomeration of Grandma’s jewelry, old guitar pegs, hand-made bowls, hand-made tiles, and old broken kitchen bowls. My ancient macrame’ skills came in handy for the strap elaborated with beads. The guitar strings are totally beaded. This project was a lot of fun, and is the size of a real guitar. 

Picture 037