Thank You Mother

Freedom-taking flight, my latest mosaic

The weather chilled from a high of 92 one day into the 60’s the next. The cool air is welcomed. Though sad to say bye to summer, its dragging on became burdensome. It’s a beautiful day and you are the only one needing  permission from to enjoy it. Escape negative thoughts. Allow yourself the freedom to believe you are OK, and worthy of the bounty each day provides. 

Come back to the moment. Remember that? My tendency is to move ahead to the next chore when the present chore is being done. But the present chore is your now. Enjoy it. With that thought my body slows with my mind as the grapes are plucked off the vine. The birds have already been at the vines getting under the nets to eat the very ripest. 

It’s uncanny how they know when they are ripe. The aroma must intoxicate them as much as it does me when passing by lap after lap. Lugging the baskets into the kitchen the real work begins. It is tedious taking each grape off the bunch, discarding the bad ones. Boiling a pot full fills the house with a luscious grape scent. The juice is unique with a flavor and body found nowhere else but my very own kitchen.

The harvest keeps offering her gifts. Grape tomatoes are ready to make into a sauce. Now that the green grapes are done, the purple ones are next, hopefully before the birds have their feast. Thank you Mother….


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