And so, the dam broke releasing rigidity as joy flowed in. Birds singing, the cacophony filling my soul as they fly above or chirp atop the trees. Sitting creek-side the joy compounded as brown ducks, often so shy but not hearing me sitting so still, swooped down with a splash in the water.

She tried twice to enter the duck box, checking out real estate to nest in but to no avail. Was she too big? No, that couldn’t be it. They leave, but another pair splash onto the water, but these were Kingfishers.

He went to sit on the box as if to say to his mate, “How about this one?”

She swims closer right up to the bank, but suddenly a squirrel dropped down from the branch above and scared him away, then entered the box.

Squatters. Samuel discovers baby squirrels, and we cannot evict a family with babies! After they leave, Samuel will have to move the duck box away from all trees.

But so much splendor, so much thrilling adventure out there in our little meadow!

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