Keep the light. Usually the day after Christmas the decorations and tree come down having had enough of them, and anxious to begin anew fresh. But this year the light and gaiety is so needed. So up it stays until Inauguration Day.

Gentle Christmas guitar music plays quietly while writing by the fire. That is still enjoyed which is unusual too. The spirit of the season is held onto for a while longer; the magic, giving, and love, all so desperately clung to. What’s happening all around is locked away, not to touch my interior in order to remain sane.

The death count rising, the vaccine process at a snail’s pace, while the supposed leader of the country golf’s and tweets. He acts like he cares that Americans get more in the stimulus checks. But he’s dastardly scheming how to line his pockets in every way possible, for as long as possible…. probably for the next 4 years as long as suckers and losers keep sending money.

Because as soon as he asked for more money in the stimulus checks, a letter went out to his supporters; skinheads, bigots, the mafia rich, low-life’s, and those lacking depth, character, and intelligence. And they stupidly send money. Millions. And more millions.

He is smiling all the way to the bank, and doesn’t care if you receive more money that would allow you to feed your children. GO HOME, and take all your swindling criminal associates with you. They are everywhere, in the Post-Office, Pentagon, Justice Department, just everywhere. People followed Hitler too.

There is no institution that animal hasn’t dirtied. His claim to notoriety is doing damage, destruction, wreaking havoc, and creating hate. That is what he excels at, doing evil masked with sneering totally false goodness that others are blind to.

We don’t realize the depth of his manipulative vindictiveness, because as much as you think you know how low he can go, he goes lower. No person with an iota of honesty can comprehend the pits of nasty evil he is so good at.

As much as I know what others are capable of, learning it at 8 years old continuing on throughout my childhood, he is far beyond even those manipulations and cruelty.

He is the epitome of evil brilliance as he has fooled us all. And so I block it out, looking away from the TV when his ugly face comes on. (ugly from what’s inside him) Blocking out the thousands dying each day in order not to cry.

Blocking out the rage, because my heart can’t take it. Blocking out the evil until Biden takes the stage praying for his health and strength. Goodness shall prevail, but the damage done is severe.

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