photos by Patricia

 Waking, the heaviness of facing challenges each day takes plenty of coffee to chase away. A plan that will excite me is needed for day after day of heat in the 90’s.

Weeds at the mailbox could be pulled and replaced with flowers. Perhaps that’s a chore to be done before the sun climbs too high. Gathering zinnia’s almost ready to bloom, and some others hardy full-sized plants, along with watering cans, a garden digger, and the wheelbarrow, a trip to the end of the driveway was chanced.

Digging out weeds caused sweat to drip down even at 7 AM. Gently putting in flowers I spoke aloud to them. You will be happier here than the parched over-stuffed herb box. They almost seemed to nod after soaked with cool fresh water. Scuffing back to the house through the brown grass so dry as it’s starving for water that never comes, my hot body yearns for a swim. 

The water refreshes unlike evenings when it is almost as warm as the air. With a splash, happy memories of childhood summers flood in while diving around with the current like a porpoise.

Walk a lap, two, and three, then another soothing plunge. In-between laps the hose is directly placed into the day-lilies given by a friend now long passed. Poor things are turning rusty in the drought. Perhaps a little love for them, loving my friend in the process.  

After lap five it is time to quit. The horseflies as big as deer start biting, while flies buzz on my skin looking for a drink. Danger lurks everywhere, but summer is made to be enjoyed, so onward until the bees show up. Lions, tigers, and bears- well maybe just bees, snakes, and horseflies all more aggressive with the heat.


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