Sunrise over the hill causing fog along the creek-line…

I have agreed to care for my new grand-son two days a week starting tomorrow until the end of June when school lets out for the summer. My daughter-in-law returns to her teaching position.

I have become stronger and healthier these last months by increasing exercise and feeding my body in a more healthy, thoughtful way. So I hope I can manage. But 7 am till 1 pm is a long stretch with a 2 month old.

Though the pursuit of health and making those patterns a regular way of life were greatly productive, I look forward to this additional way of feeling productive again. Cindy will join us too after pre-school for lunch and a short play-time. My hands and heart will be full… 

9 thoughts on “SUNRISE & FOG

  1. Yes, am in West of Ireland, very rural. mad weather altogether today, bit of sun, rain and allsort inbetween. I love the mist on the land in the mornings, it feels so ethereal.
    You will be grand with baby, enjoy those precious moments, they soon grow up dont they

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    1. Yes! Unfortunately young Mom didn’t think to train her breast fed baby onto a bottle or formula. He wouldn’t drink for five hours. I told them he couldn’t come back until able to drink from a bottle. My kids are smart, I’m not sure why they didn’t think of this..poor baby. Little tyke did a lot of crying.


  2. aww poor lil tyke, You right to hold out til the baby is trained on the bottle, it probably be very stressful if minding him in those circumstances. so excited for you though, and with summer coming think of all the little outdoor jaunts around your creek with 2 nippers in tow!

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