Mind, Body, Spirit

As a nurse my data base needs refreshing. Eating high fiber during a diverticulitis flare up is exactly the wrong thing to do. All starting innocently by eating Samuel’s organic home-grown strawberries fresh from the garden.

And looking on google scared me so the information about what to eat wasn’t found until yesterday when Samuel suggested to just look about foods to eat. Duh. Under the disease the things that can happen could kill me, so why look further.

After being done with beating myself up, perhaps this new knowledge will bring me past the pain and worry to the road of recovery, but it’s been a long haul, and it’s not over yet. This will be a permanent part of my health plan. Knowing what to do is half the battle. Not knowing brought about such a state of confusion and distraction, especially since being so disconnected from my body.

As weight drops off me, more confusion sets in questioning my place in the world, in relationships, but mostly within myself. This weight loss from all the other ones since childhood comes with hopes of staying in my body. Even as an adolescent weight loss groups were sought out, though my issues were never about weight.

And with every weight loss, too many to count, the separation between body and mind, or maybe spirit, became more and more pronounced. The disconnection becoming more severe, so a thinner body but who’s in it? Not me.

I’d like to stay this time.

A morning show while sipping coffee…

Next in line…

This box houses family number 2 with squawking babies tweeting for food…

6 thoughts on “Mind, Body, Spirit

  1. I’m sorry to hear about the diverticulitis. My sister deals with that too, and it seems to be very painful at times. I hope you find an eating Regino e that works for you!

    I just love those beautiful bird photos! They are stunning, and you do a great job with the light. Yes

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      1. I just saw all the typos (auto correct on the phone!). I think that kind of takes away from any potential soothing…

        I was just thinking that yours was one of the first blogs I read and commented on when I started mine in 2015, so 6 whole years ago now! I feel like we’ve seen each other grow and develop over the years. 💜

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        1. I don’t mind typo’s, I know what you mean.
          And yes, I was thinking that too, knowing you from the very first! Many others have moved on and sometimes I wonder what they are up to, but it’s nice to have some warriors still writing and supporting… : )

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  2. Hey Patricia, how is the diverticulitis now?
    I did not realise you suffered with that. I had old posts of yours in my inbox, so am reading them as I can. love to you my friend!


    1. I’ll never knowingly eat another seed again! After eating strawberries I’ve been diligently avoiding them, except one more bout of a week of severe pain from a hot pepper flake. eek. Love to you too… : )


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