Like a cloud of bugs, birds swirl in the air above, then another tornado lifts from the hedgerow trees adding to the whirl. Away they go leaving me behind. Even good-byes with birds saddens me– not ready for fall, yet fall suddenly arrived as if overnight.

Yes, more hot day days to come. But not this one, pulling up my leg warmers over socks, hoping the clouds move so the warm sun can soothe my restlessness. Change disrupts my internal workings. Like a child I want to paste the leaves back on the trees. They are beginning to drift down way too early.

Why the resistance? The restlessness gearing up to chillier days, less sun, and more time inside. That is the sadness. Though still willing to traipse outside in icy cold, the tendency is do it less opting for the elliptical downstairs for daily exercise when the snow arrives.

Somehow changes are adjusted to even if unwillingly. The beauty of living where four seasons prevail is that each is full of its own splendor.


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