(Not sent yet, but after making an appointment with her I had another sleepless night)

I’m sorry Adele, but there is no way I can come to terms with the rather bizarre behavior I was subjected to while I sat dumbfounded on your couch awaiting for my time to start. It is rather like buying a loaf of bread while the cashier takes a handful before bagging it. Or at two dollars a minute, I am owed a refund of about $20. Add in the extraneous, unwanted, and unneeded history about your own life, and that amount doubles. 

There was no apology in your email which suggests you do not accept responsibility for such bizarre behavior. And it is bizarre. I have never heard of treating a client this way.

More grievous and potentially dangerous to my well-being is that you seem to feel that dog playing, along with lengthy explanations of why you were not ready to work, lie more with me and my inability to accept such behaviors rather than the fact that you had simply made a mistake, and a very bad one.

Because you then spent more time telling me that people are imperfect and that they have bad days. That made it clear that if I had a problem with a dog in your lap, or that you left me to go get a biscuit, then it’s my flaw not yours…that is outrageous, and potentially very harmful for a person in so much pain that they need to seek out a therapist.

It is danger to the mental health of a client. There is no way I could ever trust a person who would put their bad behaviors or choices on to me, then lacked the integrity of character, or insight, to be aware of it then truly apologize.

I could readily accept a true apology. I cannot accept being manipulated and having someone else’s bad behaviors dumped on me. I need honesty, clarity and above all, a person who can be trustworthy. I cannot see someone who causes me even more pain than what I am coming to find help for.

Good luck in your endeavors. In twenty years of so you may have reached the place where you can be counted on to deliver the work you are being paid for.