A mourning dove coos,

The rooster crows,

Sharp edges soften,

As I come home.

While the pale of dawn softens the night sky, and kitty scouts the porch from one screen to another following a bird, the candle all lemony wafting upward with the flickering light, my shoulders drop relaxed, and they haven’t been that way for too long of a time in this glorious burst of summer splendor.

Some things taking me away from myself to the land of worry, upset, and removal from my home- internal and external. Sleep deprived, sad, displaced, worried about all that cannot be controlled, and making up more as the rat brain gets moving faster in my head.

Then answers come, the answer is that there is none. Just live. Live with love, gentleness, and grace. Mostly with yourself, all else flows from there. Live as the person you were meant to be. Feel her inside, the power, beauty, and soft flowing energy. Live now, because each moment comes then is gone. Live.


My granddaughter, Cindy 9, spent the night and we had such fun together! We made tiny Easter baskets from cut up egg cartons, painting them one night so they dry by the fire, decorating them the next morning hardly one second after she rolls out of bed.

We made Easter bunnies out of toilet paper rolls, and colored huge eggs with markers that I previously had printed off on colored paper, then added sparkly stick-on adornments.

The morning flies by and she has so many goodies to take home and decorate with.


I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough without ever having felt sorry for itself.

D.H. Lawrence

Out before hardly any light, even the birds were startled from their nests in the pines while my boots trudged by in over a foot of fresh snow that keeps falling. My heart was pumping so much one lap was as if twenty!

And then? Dropping down flat looking up at the early morning dark blue against white, a snow angel. Not the best, but mine.

Life’s Pleasures

Photo by Patricia 4/26/21

The morning is dark but balmy. Opening windows to let the overheated house come back down to livable temperatures, the cat enjoys going in and out to the back porch as she pleases.

My routine is so odd, yet my body likes it. Up hours before Samuel, my time is my own with no one telling me how to live it. Writing, meditating, time under the full spectrum lights, and yesterday venturing out even earlier when it was almost too dark to see.

But such great pleasure in that. While resting by the creek looking up, a space in the clouds revealed a partial moon perfectly bright as if smiling at me. Without my camera, I can only show a full one but with the same coloring as yesterday’s thick finger nail moon.

Finishing meadow laps a sit is again my reward. A squirrel surprisingly ran right in front of my feet! Then ran up the tree looking down at me as if to say, where did you come from?

Communing with nature brings me home to myself Much of my day is lived before Samuel even gets up. All pleasures, all respite from a chaotic world are found right here at home.


After glittering my own grapevine wreath, it seemed only fair to offer the same prep work to my women friends coming Sunday. Oh, what a project, with glittery floors tramped around leaving sparkles all over the house!

Wiping a few off my eyelids, it is with satisfactory pleasure because crafting of any kind brings peace and warmth. And each wreath is glittered with loving thoughts about the friend it is for and how much delight she will have decorating it.

And hopefully she will know just how much she means to me, the making of the wreath after collecting the vines, twirling the vines in the light rain because moisture is needed to manipulate them. Then, more pleasure than work, walking among the pines we planted to collect pinecones, the branches softly brushing my arm as if to say, ‘hello friend.’

And the extensive time and mess! Glue dripping all over the table in globs after painting it on thick so the glitter will stick, then a clear overcoat so that they won’t have glitter all over their own houses. The area around the stove where they dried still sparkling from glitter remnants.

Such fun readying for Christmas, maybe more fun than the event itself.