Studio before transformation… Worked happily in here for 18 years.

At first, after moving here 18 years ago, it became a studio for my work with clay. The magazine said, BOLD EDWARDIAN. Orange really, but that name is so fashionable, and painting the room white to Bold Edwardian was complete. Though it may have shocked others, it gave me many years of contentment. A year and a half ago I said, “I’m done.” Samuel was silent, looking at me quizzically. No more desire to work with clay.

Transforming it into a guest room/grand-child overnight room without painting was a stretch, even for one who’d choose Bold Edwardian for a color. Finding a coverlet with all the weird colors together helped. (pink, peach, burnt orange, dark pink/red), but it was transformed from studio to bedroom, and was OK.

“Samuel, I want to paint the room a light peach,” I said.

“I have to fix that spot in the ceiling first, where it leaked,” he said.

And a few time over the past many months the question was asked with the same response. Finally, last week, I said, “I will paint the room, you don’t have to.”

After he thought about it, he decided he could fix the ceiling at a later date, and off I went a bit at a time. Getting up and down a chair tired me along with being on my feet for several hours, so it took 3 days to complete and feels so satisfying!

Ta da!

From STUDIO to Guest Room

After 17 years rolling, glazing, firing, shattering then remaking raw clay into mosaics, my heart is no longer in it. Down to the basement the studio goes, and after some redecorating the old studio transforms into a guest room. Right now the only guest is kitty!

Ta Da!

Adding bling to a glass vase with glitter and gems…

Adding bling to an old wooden frame to joyfully decorate my grand-daughter’s footprints which are the butterfly wings.