Unease builds as we approach what should be a joyous event at the capitol. But due to one with evil intent, the occasion is already marked with blood, desecration, and unbridled hatred towards America by Americans. Traitors, eviler than any other terrorists around the world, these white losers, these hate mongers, make me sick to my stomach.

Violence invades my dreams, tossing and turning throughout the night, concerned for courageous leaders I’ve grown to love and respect. The leaders of good and worth who will lead us out of this hell into the light. I pray for their safety as these pigs cause death and mayhem.

All that is good now threatened by white men who have not found a life of decency. So they find prominence by killing their fellow Americans. Pigs of destruction, that is your obituary.


Adirondacks- photo by son, Cory

Each day dread as the news relays dire warnings about the corona virus. We go out, returning to the car wiping our hands down with disinfectant. Others act nonchalant while visions of hospitals and respirators dance in my head. After being in the hospital several times a few years back, returning to one is a nightmarish thought.

Helplessness, powerlessness, those feelings are prevalent as we wait for the virus to hit with little else to do to prevent it except directives to wash hands and not touch our face. How absurd. Not touch my face, as my hand just left it without realizing it?

So we wait, watching the news with piqued interest for every development as the virus marches on, fearful tension marching on too because there is nothing to stop it.