When a child is forced by the fear of abandonment of family to hold in the crimes and despicable acts against her and her body by others in the ‘family,’ those deep wounds go unhealed, unprocessed, and remain as painful as if the wounds just occurred even fifty years later. At sixty-four my thoughts keep … Continue reading WOUNDING


photos by patricia Tears fell on the puzzle as my head bowed. Samuel said, “Go outside and enjoy the day!” The tears stop. Thinking of a reply to help him understand seems futile, and instead I fervently wish for him to go so that I can have my feelings and release them. So much sadness … Continue reading FEELINGS


The dreams about Don kept coming, so vivid. Sleeplessness too, waking after a dream feeling something urgent needed doing, but what? After no reply from a newsy email to him, I emailed again keeping out any criticism about being totally ignored but integrating concern that no reply was forthcoming. An answer came so I initiated … Continue reading PEACE


The lavender has dried. Using herb scissors the buds are cut along with stems with ease.  Using a 50 cent sheer valence from a garage sale, I sewed a large pillow then filled it for the sill in the living room. The entire room has a soothing aroma… Rose sachets made after collecting petals all … Continue reading PROJECTS