Is it food

or love?

Is it food

or escaping anxiety?

Is it food

or a need to numb?


3 thoughts on “HUNGER

  1. I have been emotionally eating since 2019. The last 2 years got gradually worse as my mental health did. But 23rd February this year was the day I decided to say no to anything with refined sugar until May. And that’s if I want it then.

    I did this because of an eye problem I have. I am under the hospital currently since last year and blood tests have come back ok. So it’s not sugar related. I know it’s not an optic nerve issue as I had to have a CT scan. I have had a chest x-ray. But I don’t know about that yet, or the repeated blood test I had done. I don’t expect any issue with either of those.

    But I know when I have a lot of sugar fueled stuff like cakes and chocolate my joints hurt a lot and after watching a You Tube clip by a doctor on sugar which most I knew but some I didn’t which he mention sugar can cause eye inflammation, I am thinking my emotional eating had something to do with that.

    I have seen lots of improvement with my mental health and physical health since. My eye, although things started improving before this, each day would be varied and I have seen less of a variation between good and bad days. It seems more stable. So it will be interesting if it improves in the coming months.

    Although my doctor is happy with my blood pressure readings, as that was questioned by the hospital, for my own piece of mind, I still monitor it twice a week. I have started seeing those numbers come down a little in last couple of weeks.

    Although I felt my cravings had stopped after nearly a week of starting, I have learnt those cravings can still come for the need to eat something sweet. I have resisted mostly since starting. But today allowed one sweet treat. An almond croissant with a latte.

    I knew I had an issue with food this time since 2019. But I didn’t do anything about it until now. I know this will be harder than I thought though, originally.


    1. That’s a lot to handle. I lost my cravings for sugar, though sometimes after a meal like something sweet so have a piece of fruit or canned fruit with no sugar. BUT, if I have sugary stuff around I EAT it all up. A croissant doesn’t sound overly sugary, so good job!

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