Anne Heche 1969-2022

She was one of us, a woman surviving childhood abuse by a loved and trusted family member, her father. I mourn her loss. She didn’t make it. And it hurts to lose one.

My compassion for those silent goes deep. She has been a part of me since reading her memoir, Call Me Crazy. (published September 2001) Voracious for any spark of meaning in life to keep me going, memoirs and autobiographies were devoured when facing my own past buried deep where many of those sexually abused as children had to keep it.

The fiery crash, speeding into a house, matching what her interior may have been all along. Because we hide the chaos.

Looking fine on the outside, sexual abuse tears apart souls, the pieces tattered, blowing in the wind.

Is it a coincidence that after too many days to count of miraculous sleep, last night my spirit couldn’t after hearing she died that morning? My stomach plummeted like an elevator with a busted cable.

To be that connected to someone I’d never met.

2 thoughts on “Anne Heche 1969-2022

  1. I had no idea she’d been sexually abused by her father. Shit. When I read about the crash it seemed like she was trying to hurt herself. “The fiery crash, speeding into a house, matching what her interior may have been all along. Because we hide the chaos.” You totally nailed it.

    Shit, shit, shit.

    I know the past few weeks in particular have been inordinately intense energetically on the planet. I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about energetic portals and things like the recent Lions Gate (8/8) – but I’ve been a mess for the past week, wading through my own shit. Knowing this, I’m not completely shocked that things came to a head for her when they did. But still… Damn it.


    1. Self-destructive tendencies go very deep. I am still working on it.
      Not surprising people aren’t aware of it. I doubt, (like most) that she talked about it other than the memoir and some interviews then. It isn’t a subject our social norms allow. That’s the rub. My relief didn’t begin until I did talk. After decades of being silenced it will take lifetimes to get it all out.

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