The Coming of Fall

Did it happen in a day, this drop in mood, so low you pick it up from the floor? Cool, darker longer, cloudy, and wet, sitting on the patio amidst my secret garden in all its splendor, the usual joy escaping me. Then, sunshine and warmth. The reversal along with a sunny bike ride for an hour along the waterway brought back happiness and well-being.

The lower mood darkening my morning at the start of August? Literature states SAD, seasonal affective disorder, generally begins in October, but my sense of it is much sooner. The usual strategy is pushing through it, as if a bag of rocks must be carried along. But with some thought and planning it can be improved.

Exercise outdoors. Fun things to keep doing. Continued work on my goals of healthy living including physical, mental, and spiritual health. These are the threads of gold weaved caringly.


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