The Path To Peace

Soothing past-times to relieve the stress of these trying times; cutting lavender in the morning still wet from the morning dew. Then arranging them in baskets to fill the house with that special aroma.

A bike ride along the wooded path along the water, exercise expelling stress, toxins, and negative emotions as the woodsy scent fills me with joyful abandon. We see a bright yellow finch, hear the odd warble of the pileated woodpecker, spot the tiniest bunny and spotted fawn ever, a chipmunk scurries away, and the trail is dotted with daisies bobbing their pretty heads.

Once home the splendacious lavender aroma entered my core chasing out any residue of negative energy. Concentrating on all that others do wrong does not bring peace, but concentrating on how to improve my own shortcomings and providing myself with happy past-times does.

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