Anita Hill, Thomas’s victim of gross sexual misconduct, yet still robing up on the inferior court since then and plowing away with more evil.

Kavanaugh’s victim. If it wasn’t for the bathing suit under her clothing he would have raped her, if not killing her first due to his hand over her mouth making her feel like she might die. (just like me)


The INFERIOR COURT, led by Thomas the pervert, and Kavanaugh the attempted rapist and almost murderer, hand down judgments against the majority of what Americans want. What they want is to do evil and control others.

The ex-twice impeached president, like a stale fart excreted in a room, left behind his evil-doers to do more, taking away a woman’s right to make decisions about her own body.

AND making it legal to carry concealed weapons. More death, and babies being born to women who don’t want them nor can afford them. Would these criminals in justice robes like it if we put black hoods over our heads like the Afghan men require of women? My guess is yes.


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