Tears roll down my cheeks, then continue while watching yesterday’s hearings. Shaye Moss, an election poll worker in Georgia describes her pain after Trump and his snake followers hounded her, her mother, even her grandmother.

Shaye Moss, her mother behind her.
Full testimony…
Excerpt pertaining to her grandmother…

The pain was felt deeply; her 60-pound weight gain, leaving a job she loved, not going out anymore due to it feeling unsafe, and on goes the deep pain and loss over Snake Donald’s fat lies.

And there are so many affected by this pig. And it can get worse. There are many of his snakes taking these poll worker positions because so many quit due to the harassment and deadly threats from the snake cult. And they WILL do the evil they falsely accuse her and so many others of.

Remember Hitler?

3 thoughts on “SNAKES

      1. I agree. There is something really wrong with his psyche. I don’t know that I’ve ever heard anyone so incapable of empathy or compassion.


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