A covid scare sends me to the telephone waiting over ten minutes for someone to answer while on hold. My hands shake, my body shakes, as a brother had recently relayed that a friend, though vaccinated and double boosted, spent two weeks in dire sickness.

My monthly group of women had just spent an afternoon at my house around the table playing cards. Oh yes, how those gatherings are loved, full of laughter, friendship, warmth, and good food. But? Covid.

Mary emailed that she tested positive five days after the event. One must wait 5 days after exposure to receive an accurate test, so my call to the doctor was immediate.

Anything out of the ordinary with my body scares me, sending adrenaline rockets off, the buzz shooting right down to my toes and out my head. While waiting, my pen sent my thoughts to paper so no confusion would be occurring when pressing for a test. Usually the doctor sends people to urgent care, or a pharmacy that does the testing which isn’t everywhere. One more step would prolong the anxiety.

My hope was to have it there. Once she finally picked up, my shaking had lessoned as a plan of action helped calm it. Once explaining that not only my age, but a comprised immune system from decades of an overactive startle response due to PTSD issues from childhood made me more vulnerable, she took me seriously.

“Yes, the Doctor will have you come so that the nurse can test you curbside,” adding, “and if you test positive, we will start you on a medication to lesson any possible symptoms.”

That helped relieve my anxiety considerably. By the next morning a negative result was reported. Whew! But the scare?

Becoming much too lax, while Samuel has donned his mask in busy stores, it is time to be more careful. Though my friends are more blasé about it, because they still go weekly to chorale, and also are involved in many other peopled activities, my interaction with humans is with them and occasionally my son and grandchildren. That’s it.

Opening their mouths in a small room heaving air in and out while singing… of course one of them would contract Covid. Do I stop going to this one group of friends? Or risk another exposure by going?

3 thoughts on “COVID

  1. Follow your gut on this sort of thing. My husband caught Covid just over a week ago and of course spread it to me. He’s not good about covering his coughs or sneezes at home. For us it’s been like a miserable cold with a day or two of low fever and body aches. If I had to catch it, I’m glad it’s this variant, which although is easier to catch, also seems to have a quicker lifecycle making people less sick overall. I also glad to have discovered how to order free test kits several months ago, so we had some here at home.

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