They say old age isn’t for the faint of heart, or something like that. And some say it’s better than the alternative. Yet a simple splash of water left on the floor, meaning to wipe it up yet forgetting, almost caused Samuel to fall.

And that’s all it takes, a tiny thing to cause an accident which easily breaks older bones. It has happened to a few friends needing screws, pins, casts, and way too long in hospitals.

My carelessness could have done that, and the thought made a foul mood drop further. Adding to my funk was another spat with Samuel over who knows what? But he came out to the patio to join me. We let whatever quarrel it was go, enjoying the sun’s warmth, then decided it was the perfect day for a bike ride.

He seemed in a low mood too. But once on the trail depressing thoughts lifted. How could they not when the sun dappled path dotted with daisies were waving a happy hello? Wild roses out in full bloom greeted us with a heady scent intoxicatingly heavenly.

“That’s what we needed,” I said to Samuel, adding, “Nature and exercise cures everything.”

Making some kind of noise in agreement (man of few words), we travel on enjoying the day along with happier thoughts and feelings of accomplishment knowing we are doing beneficial things for our hearts, joints, and emotions.

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