Photos by Patricia (this one earlier in springtime- done by trail cam, the flowers all new)

Waking after a good sleep, a despondency consumed me, a feeling of sadness without knowing why. My immediate reaction was to counteract it by thinking of all the very wonderful things in my life.

Then? A wiser, softer voice. You were made to have feelings. Make space for them, feel them.

Accepting the sadness, yet going on about the morning, especially brightened by calls from both sons before starting their workday, joy coexisted with sadness. Rose petals to collect, the scent filling my home’s interior. Mint to pluck for lemonade, the mint patch deciding on its own place to grow by the lilacs- ever expanding each year… happily so. You can never have enough mint!

Daisies now beginning to dot the meadow dancing with their happy faces. My joy in strolling brought wonders ever changing each day….



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