Reminders of a past repressed fade as time passes. Though submerged, it awaits remembering like a lingering nightmare. Rather than running my life, we coexist, accepting my past yet flourishing.

Sweet soft rain on a balmy morning, coat coming off, strolling round and round the meadow filled with buttercups. Each day wonders occur as if nothing was noticed yesterday… but it was.

Honeysuckle bushes along the hedgerow are gloriously blooming, the scent filling me with ethereal pleasure. The enormous snowball bushes given to me as tiny plants from a friend are towering over me, cutting some for a bountiful bouquet.

After such a difficult, restless night due to the nightmare, the next morning was spent on the patio. Stripping down to as much bare skin that can be exposed without being naked, the warmth soothed my ragged spirit along with great mugs of strong coffee.

Pleasure with pain. Rather than sinking into sadness over my past, accepting both then and now, but focusing on present wonders makes me smile.

With all the difficulties there is still joy. With all the horrific events in the world so unimaginable, moments must be treasured. While still honoring and caring for my own struggles, I am reminded to be grateful for every moment.

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