Laying there after having fallen from snipping overgrown bushes, my head was only inches from the sharp corner of the cement steps. Could have lain there dead all day without Samuel knowing. Someone must have been looking out for me.

The cool air after a string of hot days wasn’t as inviting especially since the sun hadn’t peeked out from the clouds yet. But once it did, the spring day brightened, and planting chores were completed.

Marigold seeds in-between the peonies, which ought to make such a vibrant yellowy orange display mid-summer. And quince babies rooted from the mother, cut, then plopped in a bouquet of water hoping to see roots sprout before planting in dirt.

The sweat of chores felt satisfying along with feelings of accomplishment even with the close scare of a cracked head. This morning another spring day is about to burgeon with warmer temperatures until tomorrow when summery heat bursts forth. One day pants, hat and coat, the next a sleeveless cotton dress. Such is May!

2 thoughts on “MAY

  1. I hope you are not too sore from your fall. Take it easy. Xx

    Over here there has been warm days and some hot days. When I think I may need a warm layer, I realise its hotter outside than inside.

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