Pay the price of rejection or disapproval for being real. It may hurt, especially during very vulnerable time of which there are many. Go forward with truth and work at believing in yourself.

Not a new concept. One that’s been worked on since my life shattered, but more so in middle age when one begins to see that what you believe of yourself has more worth than what anyone else believes. You need you.

This is not easy. This feels treacherous, like a gnarly path that trips with roots pulling me down in a crash. Get up, breathe, pick off the moss and keep going.

Yes, others will be shocked at your quiet yet changed demeanor, one that exudes autonomy and self-reliance, trying to retrieve that person they could more easily mold to their liking and wants.

Yet, how does that turn out, doing what others want, not meeting your own needs which have heightened significantly with age and deterioration? As wisdom and feelings of self-worth deepen, expand, and grow, this body requires more care.

When filling the wants of others, my own self does not thrive. And we each must look out for ourselves first because if not, there’s not much left useful to anyone especially me.

If caring for self means the inability to care for others, it has to be, because it is. Acceptance, and with acceptance comes peace, that is, if you truly do follow through with meeting your needs.

Cocooning myself on our little plot of land often makes me wonder about my life. Is it odd, or finally a life that is self-caring? Self-caring of course, and no wonder that feels odd.

Taught that even tragedy, repeated traumas, and pain were to be kept secret within my child’s body, mind, and psyche, it feels wrong and unfamiliar to take care of myself.

But do so. Rebel by learning all about self-love. Rise up and be free.

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