Getting off the night-time medication has helped greatly, last night making 5 nights in a row, though that one was harder. And probably due to the Covid Booster we had earlier in the day doing things to my body, like a slight headache, a very minor uptick in body temperature along with all over unwellness.

Changes in my body scare me. The soft gentle voice was needed to soothe me. You can do it, it’s OK. Over and over till sleep came, a bit fit full, but it came.

Samuel wanted to go the store after for a few things but one outing was enough for me. After having my own time to myself, this block of time elsewhere caused a need to come home and rest.

Away, those criticisms about laziness or not accomplishing. Yes, more could have been done, like going out walking or meditating. How energy sucking is that? Instead, my choice was to just vegetate, bring in the scattered parts and try to be in the moment.

It was hard not to zone out yesterday. Just that outing, with a shot in the arm and questions of how safe this fourth one will be, was an overload for my tired-out system. Resting was the best choice. Give yourself some credit, even a pat on the back.

2 thoughts on “REST

  1. I’m glad your ok and only had slight side effects after the booster. I am happy to hear you slept well.
    I am going to buy a copy of your book soon! I will look forward to reading your memoir. Xx

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    1. Weird cause the last three shots didn’t seem to affect me other than a sore arm. I felt like I had a 24 hour bug.
      About the book… it is probably good for those who still hold everything inside, and shows that it is OK and not a woman’s fault that someone in her childhood sexually attacked.
      It all came out, the horrors and the joys. I’m very specific about the horrors that occurred cleaning my interior out for the very first time. One chapter horror, the next, joy.
      Because when one thing is held in, everything is. So know beforehand that details are there. I may not be good for you if you’ve already faced things from your past. It might aggravate them, or bring it up again.


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