PHOTOS BY PATRICIA, over the meadow

During an illness nothing seems right, not my relationships nor my ability to interact with people with grace and tolerance. An old shrew, or so it seems.

Under that is a broken person unable to trust. How that has interfered with a warm, loving life is inconceivable. Yet there it is.

While so ill, wondering if the severe pain might lead to death because it was that serious, the negatives plagued me unable to retain any good thought.

On my death bed (sorry to sound morbid), I don’t want to lie there thinking of all the bad that I could have done better at. So, things that get in the way of the life preferred, and more importantly of the person I’d be proud to be, need work now.

Though I’ve worked daily, is it enough? Can I do more? Can I take the leap of trusting a bit more, and garnering a little more faith in people? To let the petty stuff slide off, and accept people where are- looking underneath their seeming hurtfulness to understand what may be hurting them?

Grape leaf in early morn…

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