Hole in the Floor

Negative thoughts about myself cave in devouring me as much as I devour whatever foods I can find in the middle of night. The next day a tear falls in pity for the ever present ghosts from the past interfering with a peaceful sleep filled life.

The ravages of chronic PTSD are here to stay no matter how hard the effort is to sway them from their path, rooted within without a cure.  That could have been cured had shame not made the family embarrassed to seek help for me, the victim injured so critically had it been a physical injury someone would have had to sop up the torrents of blood. Someone would have HAD to help!

Once the tsunami of sleeplessness passes, it is back to basics; persuade my negative tendencies about blaming myself for just about every little thing that doesn’t seem right, and when in that mode, every little thing seems wrong, and work on countering those beliefs.

Really? Are you as bad as that devil on your shoulder says you are? This badness, kicked to the curb over and over, comes seeping back in because it became part of my being at age 8. And it is fall after all, the time when mood plummets no matter how hard you don’t want it to. So acceptance is also a work in progress.

No one came to tell me otherwise, I was left alone except the attacks. My childhood beliefs about being bad cemented into my self-view as an adult. It is daily work, constant work sometimes. Back to happier moments of being OK to be me…

8 thoughts on “Hole in the Floor

  1. Not bad, no never. The little girl was not bad or wrong, and neither is the grown woman. Rather, she is traumatized and exhausted… and very deserving of care and compassion. Over and over, it’s back to the care snd compassion, isn’t it? We have to do it a million times.

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    1. Yes, therapy. But what if someone intervened before the PTSD became chronic? Because it can be fully processed at the time of trauma.
      Yet sexual abuse within a family is a taboo subject. So no one comes, no one acknowledges the trauma, and often the victim is silenced even for life. At least that’s how it’s been for me.
      How the heck are you? It’s been ages since hearing from you… : )

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          1. They treated me very well. I continue to have roommates from hell. Trying to find apartment with rents based on income. I am eligible for more because I just turned 62 yesterday. Had a nice lunch out with a friend and am going to celebrate with my son and fiance on Friday.kk Sorry to write so much here. I have been meaning to send you an email for so long now.

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