Lost, all week lost. Pain does that, making a break between body and mind. Survival called for that early on. It isn’t as helpful now. Only when connected can things be figured out, or at least be able to come up with a reasonable answer for the gut pain.

My thoughts scared me thinking of every disaster possible, and every sickness cropping up in the world along with dread about what the news broadcasted each night, but the issue wasn’t outside of me, it was inside of me.

Strawberries. The beautiful, bountiful crop, filling our freezer with jams, sauces, and whole berries…. Eating a huge bowl each day joyfully. Well, isn’t that always life’s way? The good with the bad. My old gut cannot handle that many seeds.  

At least the pain has eased when connecting to my body, using thoughtful gentleness to tend to it. Not something done in past years. But people can grow. It may take decades, but it can happen. Life’s difficulties are better handled when one is connected to their spirit, body, and mind.

Kindness like a warm soothing balm felt loving. Remember that? And how much work it takes each day? That is my work.

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