Success scares a part of me once totally unconscious of. Looking at the scale, seeing the numbers drop. Well, eat. There is something about excess weight and feelings of safety, once thinking that reason was bogus. But no, it is real. It means men looking at me, even at this advanced age.

Both flattered and fearful, taking the reins of my own path and goals anyway— success continues and the numbers decline. But as my body changes, albeit slowly, there must be time to adjust to each half pound.

Is that a flatter stomach? Is that a bone? It frightens me, yet the drive is not going away this time. And how many times since age 8 have 50 or more pounds been shed? Too many to count.

Age 8 when the attacks began, and though several living in that same house knew of my vulnerability and terror, no one helped to protect me from further trauma(s). The message, carry the burdens… which translates to repeated failure in every venture. Staying down for the ease of others means taking the hit myself.

Excess weight always brought feelings of safety along with numbing to the facts of my existence. But in unraveling the knots, going deep into my center, all things are possible. There everything needed resides. Maybe this time my parts can stay together for the very first, feeling safe, in my body, and slimmer.

Face the fear, live fully, embrace all there is. My being is as deserving of good things as any other…

4 thoughts on “SUCCESS

    1. Safety. Walls of safety. When the impossible begins to occur, speaking up, setting boundaries, then safety can also be found no matter what size the body….
      Always a special moment when you drop by… : )


  1. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that my weight will likely fluctuate quite a bit for the rest of my life. There have been times when I was in a really great place and was able to drop lots of it. And then shit would happen, tanking me, and weight would come back on. Thank goodness bodies are so resilient.

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