Last Night’s Super Moon

Photos by Patricia

Coming home after seeing loved ones not seen in so long instilled a new sense of vigor and rejuvenation. The sights outside evoke an overwhelmingly beauty impossible to absorb all at once. Take a breath.

Wanting to ‘do it all,’ impatient for the new day to start at bedtime, the calm voice interjects, take your time, things will get done. Enjoy each one. The only one pushing you… is you.

So take it easy. Do stuff. But do it at a pace where all parts stay together. Even here in this peaceful plot of land the topsy-turvy symptoms of PTSD can take over, and does take over without permission. But there are methods that sometimes stave it off.

Breathe. Go slowly. Enjoy. The gifts are free. Blossoms over my head in the wild pear tree while sitting creek-side. Gobs of flowers erupting in my gardens, but also chives and asparagus in the vegetable garden.

Never have the forsythia’s been so bountiful, almost glowing in their yellow bursting splendor. The quince, which has given babies now full-grown, are dark peach and gloriously adorning several areas.

Everywhere there is so much beauty, overwhelmingly so. It came on slow, but seems to suddenly want to explode.

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