Sometimes the darkest hour is right before the dawn. Perhaps this month, so hard to take due to upset and sleeplessness, is a path to change, renewal, and growth? Perhaps it takes a whirlwind inside oneself before the particles find new homes, new ways of being.

That’s a thought to hang on to. Refusing to allow the needed nightly dose of medication to ruin the next day because of drowsiness, the meadow path was walked right after the sun came over the hill. The effect was stunning, my boots hitting crunchy frozen earth as frost sparkled like the iridescent glitter used to outline the framed craft project.

Taking a break by the creek revealed yet more secret pleasures as a duck flew into the duck box obviously starting her nest. Two little birds tried to enter but saw it occupied so there must be a question as to who is the rightful owner. Big bird won!

After a long walk, deciding to beat the insomnia by tiring myself out completely, a nice fire was built on the patio. Flames licked up high thawing me as the sun carrassed like a warm hug. The pleasant surrounding offered stereo bird melodies as they went about their busyness, some close-by at the feeder, some hopping about on the ground under it pecking at remains.

Waking this morning after a normal night’s sleep refreshed as the sun rose and a new day began.  Sanity restored by sleep at least for today.  

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