Once connecting to the power within, it is hard to harness. As spring whirls in chasing away winter’s sadness, energy zooms with feelings that conquering the world is possible. It isn’t, but that feeling? Like trying to put air back into a popped helium balloon.

Picking of pieces of myself all over the place and trying to stay grounded is like a scarecrow stuffing straw back into itself. Stay whole, not blasted into confetti. This spring thing is not easy. Euphoric, but where’d I go?

A racing mind takes me over the falls, but groundedness is what’s needed. Overexcitement makes missing the point all too easy. Pulling in the reins of a wild horse as the thrill of so much change gallops through my blood.

Hang onto to my hat, my heart, my emotions, as the winds sail through. As the flowers bud. As the bird-songs comfort, please, and bring sweet peace. As warm sun shines down upon me melting all cares away.

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