The ground crunches beneath my feet before the sun came over the hill. Round and round as birds twittered settling my insides like a gentle warm caress. At the water looking around, the ground is whitish with the night’s frost, cool, crisp and pristine.

A fire is lit to warm me as the sun rises, the patio golden in the morning glow. Gaggles of geese fly overhead making the word gaggle sensible because of their endless squawking.

The biggest challenge of the moment is containing the bursting emotions that spring brings while chasing away winter’s depression- finding balance in the eye of the pleasurable storm.

The flames lick higher and higher as it isn’t necessary to make the wood pile last. We want it gone by summertime anyway. It was bought just for this purpose, to make wintertime fun and be able to entertain safely.

So it is loaded up for a fast and quick burn because by breakfast time it became warm enough without it. Energy drives me out for 5 more laps. Then dishes, dinner preparations, mopping floors, washing throw rugs, then setting them out on the black pavement to dry.

And what about those butterfly bushes needing trimming? My job, as Samuel says he’ll pick up the piles but won’t cut them. By then the temp hits almost 70 needing a removal of my sweatshirt, my bare arms feeling sunshine for the first time all winter.

The day exhausts me, not pleasant tiredness, but uncomfortably tired. Later my energy recoups with a fully satisfying memory of the exhilarating day and my accomplishments.

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