Photo by Patricia

As winter melts into spring, ecstasy abounds. One day up, with seemingly endless energy, the next barely able to drag myself around the meadow. Achy body parts call for a lavender soak. Revived, the next day found me out before sunrise, lap after glorious lap. No aches, and a thrilling emotional lift with my lively step. A fire to warm me was called for.

Samuel came out to the early blaze on the patio with his coffee taking off his shirt because the sun had risen compounding the fire’s heat. We soaked up the morning sun, as more wood was chucked onto the fire.

The walk brought such delights. Sitting creek side an otter ran along the bank, dove in, came out to shake off and run again, unafraid of my presence, causing me to chuckle with its antics. Geese noisily squawked overhead searching for a landing place nearby, so low the flapping of their wings could be heard.

Skunks are out from wherever they stay all winter, their stink evidence of their appearance. Red-winged black birds twirl their distinctive melody announcing their return with a song easily identified from other birdsongs.

Oh spring, magnificent, exhilarating, miraculous spring, what joys await me!

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