Winters can move very slow. There’s beauty in the pace of it. Yet how to pass the time later in the day when tired but needing to keep my hands busy?

A friend turned me on to Diamond Art, or Dot painting. But there’s no paint involved, just little plastic gems applied one by one. Monotonous, repeatable, and no need for brain power. Perfect.

Cory, my younger son, is decorating a wall in my grand-daughter’s bedroom with the theme of fantastical creatures. Knowing my walls are full, this gave an outlet to do some. They are fun, satisfying, and the price for kits is just right. Luckily there was an old frame lying around to paint that fit the unusual size. The little one below came framed.

8 thoughts on “DIAMOND ART

  1. They look very nice and it reminds me what I was going to do one time with my own stones, when I had lots in my crafting days mounting up.
    I don’t have them now, as gave them away with other craft stuff I donated.
    But these craft look really good and better than what I would have achieved.

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