A feeling of warmth, relief, hope. The father I never had in Joe Biden. My father left me, having the audacity to die practically before my eyes, leaving a hole in all of us. But this new father fills me with love.

“Help is on they way,” he says. And help is here in every word and action, in every person chosen, in every stroke of his pen carrying out his compassionate goals for all of us.

4 thoughts on “FATHER

  1. I would love to meet Joe Biden if I had the chance. I would certainly welcome him here in the UK.
    He has a lot of work cut out for the mess left behind by the former. But I have faith he will crack on with it.

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      1. I’m from the UK. Yes, across the pond.

        I don’t know what news you read about Boris. But he’s not a leader. Many want him out, including me. I won’t carry on, as it will lead me into a rant about him.

        It be nice to have a leader like Biden. 🙂


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