Imagine moving into a new home that has truly become a fortress with added fencing. Moving from safety to insecurity with troops all around your house to keep you safe. Living in DC right now is dangerous, or any capitol across the US.

Extraordinary courage is needed to proceed under these condition, yet that is type of courage the Biden’s are made of. Still, it must be unnerving even for them, and other leaders who have stood up to the orange deranged evil clown.

The sponge Bob square headed dictator who would kill all in opposition in any way he could has now chosen death to anyone whose nose is not up his ass. Egging on those groups once ostracized enough to stay in woodwork, grooming their evil to the point of pride in overthrowing their own government and to murder. It has come to this, not surprising, yet still shocking.

He gives not a care about the police officer now dead because of him, adding to that 400,000 lives lost to the virus that he didn’t tell us about. Blood on him, yet he cares not.  

The Sponge Bob army is not comical, but deadly, and he knows it, using it to take revenge. All that matter to him is vindictiveness. Can’t you see it people who still stand behind him? Come out of your dysfunctional fog, wake up to the evil being played out right before your blind eyes.

Prayers for the safety of our courageous leaders during this time that shouldn’t be happening.  

Razor wire is installed atop a security fence in preparation for next week’s Presidential inauguration a week after a pro-Trump mob broke into and took over the Capitol, January 14, 2021, in Washington, DC. – The center of Washington was on lockdown Thursday as more than 20,000 armed National Guard troops were being mobilized due to security concerns ahead of the presidential inauguration of Joe Biden. (Photo by Brendan Smialowski / AFP) (Photo by BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images)

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