Child-Like FUN

Another grey day as my boots splatted onto the frozen path round and round. After several laps the frozen turf began to get soggy so a new path was made next to it. No birds out, no nothing except grey, grey, and more grey.

That makes it harder to stay upbeat, even though it’s an usually good winter as far as seasonal depression goes. The increased exercise must be the cure, because after going out my entire being feels refreshed, hopeful, and full of life!

Where before my brain felt as soggy as the path, coming inside there’s a whole new feeling of excitement. Though a month early a morning was spent child-like while working on Valentine Day cards for each of 5 grand-children. Since not comfortable going into stores to buy them, what better way to pass the time?

Glitter, glue, red paper, and other decorations are gathered to make a nice mess. A feeling of satisfaction filled me as all five bright red cards sparkle next to the candle warming light. Five dollars will be added to each before sending in early February.

Little creative pleasures continue to uplift my winter with fun and happy past-times.

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