My friend, now gone several years, used to say she liked doing puzzles, but didn’t feel productive. So after completing one that was it for the winter. My thoughts about productivity differ; settling the upset within my mind is greatly productive, and puzzles do that.

A peaceful activity, a way to pass time, the outcome invisible but no less valuable. At first anxiety might arise, the pieces looking all the same, but taking a breath they become more familiar then easier and comforting to place…. like broken parts within myself finding homes. That settles my interior. What better way to claim peace?

Value is in what makes it for each person. The rigors of always needing a seeable outcome at the end of a task isn’t one I stand on. There are many ways to pass time that are productive, yet it may not be clear to others what they are.

That’s OK. It is not always easy to live our lives our own way after living to please others. But the effort to go deep and find out exactly what pleases me, then doing it, is the path to authenticity, uniqueness, and autonomy.

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