Contented, we sit by the fire, kitty and me. The black early morning registers 9 degrees so the fire is turned up a bit as the warmth splays out upon us. The coming of Christmas suddenly seems so fast, longing for it to carry on longer, already mourning its passing.

It is a time in need of light and colorful décor, yet when the day comes and passes, it will seem right to pack it all away for another year. Already my mind jumps ahead forgetting to live in the present. A struggle always, but a worthwhile one.

While walking, often the intent is to get the job done. But this is living. Now is living, looking up and with surprise seeing an aqua blue that is stupendous. So this is what the sky looks like when the sun is out! Gray days toppling one on top of the other meant no sun just dullness. The only uplift is the quickening of my blood generated by exercise.

But on this day, if you take the trouble to look up from your thoughts, it is stellar. My tendency is to rush through moments living in the next one without fully being in the present one. But it can be done with willingness and awareness. And what a gift that is!

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