Though the days are dark, my spirit’s bright. Or so I thought, pushing myself out the door in the cold. After 50’s, the low twenties seem inhospitable. But the movement always quickens my blood sending happy chemicals through my body. By lap three usually an uplift kicks in.

But since the cold made me procrastinate, going later in day found me trudging along stepping slower. Still, the five laps were completed and brought a sheen of perspiration under my coat… a good thing.

The new hot seats left in the chairs by the water make sitting there like in summertime doable. The quiet is almost disturbing. Where are the birds? But the respite grounds my spirit and soul. Gratitude seeps in even during these dark months made so much darker by the suffering worldwide.

Waking at 3AM thinking it closer to wake-up time, forcing myself down into the pillow to go back to sleep, a quick prayer for all those in ICU’s. The horrors there go undigested by those not taking precautions. But as a former nurse, I know the sufferings, and as previous hospital patient.

Waking to a snowy morning, what can I do today to make it special? Because each moment is… More bread making is in order. Gifts of dried fruit keep arriving at my door. Blah, dried fruit. Give me chocolate. But others know my wish to be healthy and respect that goal by gifting fruit. What to do with it?

Cut up into diced pieces a cup is thrown into the bread maker while a new Panettone recipe is whirling. Later the aroma of sweet bread baking drifts through the house temptingly. After trying to resist eating it, a few slices went down guiltily.  

More loaves to make. They will make pretty gifts to leave on doorsteps decorated with ribbons and bows. And the bonus will be using up all this fruit!

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