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Blah, grey, and wet, still my body needed movement so bundling up out into the dull day where refreshment is sourced despite the dreariness. Though no sun was out the crisp air enlivened and invigorated.

Baking seemed in order for the day, so healthy kitsch with garden peppers, onions, and low fat cheese along with the bread machine whirling in the background for Pigs in a Blanket to go along with it.

My new schedule is weird, but seems to be what my body wants, sticking to the old times of summer. That means closing my eyes at 8:30 PM, waking at 4:30 AM. Ugh, who wants to do that? My body does, and it is adequate sleep, more than enough. So what if it doesn’t conform to what most others do?

Trying to stick with the time change wasn’t working because two hours were lost each night making me crazy. And though Samuel’s companionship is dearly loved, time to myself is too; writing, meditation, and quiet reflection, as necessary as air.

The lesson? Dare to be different. If it means peace to my soul, do it. I’m not choosing it, it’s choosing me.

7 thoughts on “PEACE

    1. I’ve been thinking of your post about the meaning of life, a question asked during my struggles, so asked often. I like the comment, ‘to be loved.’ Yup, the ability to actually let that in, not something I’ve been able to do easily or sustainably, but basking in that warmth for precious moments when dared.
      My answer, if I had to pick one, find the moments of joy in-between the struggles. (which would include feeling love)
      You know how to ask good questions!

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      1. I wish I could reach out and give you a gentle hug. Although I don’t speak of it here, I do now similar trauma and allowing yourself to experience true love is terrifying. But those moments, as you so beautifully wrote, those moments in between the struggles can so lovely. Thank you for your willingness to share this………I know how difficult it can be to share even small parts of our lives. SO proud of you!
        I hope today is treating you well…….don’t forget that you are so worthy of all that is good.


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