Health for Body and Mind

No news being consumed. No politics, no more seeing a face or hearing a voice that sickens me. No more dire warnings and death tolls, because that fact is already drilled into me. No reminders are needed to pound me further into the dirt.

So far, so good. Also, my body did not adjust to the time change making sleep (when it was possible) much shortened by an hour or two.

Even though going to bed an hour later to stay on the new schedule, waking remained the same which greatly reduced the hours in REM. So now bedtime is as early as a toddlers’, but it is working.

Everything feels and looks better with adequate sleep. Without it, everything does not. Energy became available for walks in the fresh air, wondrous walks around and around breathing it in with a smile. Rest by the creek lengthened as the sun shone down.

The woodpecker in the rotted tree made sawdust fall as it drilled for bugs. A train in the distance echoed. Feelings of aliveness slowly return, but weeks of diminished sleep take time to recoup.

A firm diet of no news, good food, enough sleep, and lots of exercise are the keys to health for body and mind.

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