Dark Days Ahead

It doesn’t take much to set off alarm bells within. Hearing my son’s mother-in-law cough in a short video while she watched his kids was enough to make sleep impossible. At least if there was a reason that had to be it. But it’s also possible that every week or two my system goes off without one.

The virus threat isn’t just about my life, but loved ones too. Though mostly safe here on this little plot of land, it doesn’t make me immune to the suffering across the country.

Lamenting the next two months as people get sick and many die because the tweeting, golfing, lazy jackass in the Whitehouse is stuck there like a lingering fungus, causes a deep and dark pain within bringing tears.

Hope lies ahead once ridding ourselves of this creepy blob. He still causes damage getting in the way of a peaceful transition threatening our nation’s security while sucking his thumb in defeat. Dark days lie ahead till the light comes.

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