So much effort is put into each day to keep upbeat, grateful, and at peace. Some days it all falls apart. Not due to Covid, though the seriousness of the world’s infection is formidable and does sadden me to tears at times. Other things pile up leading to sleepless nights.

Perhaps Covid adds to sleeplessness, but issues of childhood haunt throwing bombs into my days causing my nervous system to go on high alert.

Perhaps my poor hearing, so that when Samuel leans over me while getting something out of the fridge a blood curdling scream erupts from my mouth. I hadn’t heard him approach.

Or maybe my continued efforts of contacting remaining siblings with less than a desired response, or none at all. Condemning myself for even trying.

Whatever the reason, or reasons, every week or so, or twice in a week, there I lay wide awake finally coming out to take medication then having to sit up watching the television until sleep comes.

That doesn’t sound like the end of the world. But the world’s problems do gather one by one until it affects me untowardly.

The hurricanes, fires, and our disregard for our planet. No wonder Mother Nature threw us this virus. It isn’t her fault. It must have to do with our selfish, greedy ways when it comes to environment.

Meat eating, unsustainable, along with fossil fuels which can be totally eradicated by the use of wind, water, and sunshine. And all that would lead to countless new jobs that could lead our earth from a path to destruction to hope and new life.

We leave a catastrophic earth for our grand-children that will NOT be habitable for them.

Plants will find a way to survive. Will we?

2 thoughts on “DESPAIR

  1. Its no wonder Prince George was so upset watching the recent documentary on extinction. it is a worry that we are not caring more for this beautiful planet, that said I try each day to connect with nature for positive uplift, but its not easy when so many problems of the world weigh heavily upon us.

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