Fear of Living

Fear of living creeps in as the days grow shorter. Thoughts of talking to someone routinely on-line in terms of a therapist comes to mind also, though the struggle to find a suitable fit keeps me from it unless real depression sinks in.

It won’t. Yes, a few over the years required talk therapy, which helped greatly. But this kind of depression is seasonal, happens every year, and can be coped with. No, not my choice. My choice would be nice long sunny days when the change of light won’t drag my mood and thoughts down.

But life isn’t about always getting my own way, nature’s way takes precedence.  Making magic is still possible, because it isn’t only when things are easy. The challenge is when things feel harder.

The studio calls easing that cooped in feeling. Walks rev up the blood causing happy chemicals to flow. Sitting by the creek and staying, as I did in the summer months, brings balance and satisfaction to my core, awakening the magical feeling of being alive.

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