Oh So Grateful!

photo by Patricia

I can understand young people feeling less vulnerable, therefore taking chances we wouldn’t. Our son from down the road has entered his toddler into pre-school where masks are not worn. He entertained his daughter’s friends for a birthday party, 5 other young girls at his home, no masks, no social distancing.

His daughter is also returning to dance class, while his older son is joining several sports activities. Life goes on. But my ideas of hosting Thanksgiving and Christmas indoors, even while burning heat but with windows open, may have to wait.

Even with New York numbers of infections down, it still seems too risky. We have enjoyed several patio parties where we sit above the patio on the screen porch safely. Even walking together to the creek together but keeping our distance.

My prayers go to Shane and his wife, that they both keep healthy. They all caught colds once school started. If they can catch colds, they can be infected with Covid. A mother worries, and there truly is something to worry about. 

Still, even without celebrating holidays with them if that’s the decision we come to, it’s OK. We are so lucky to have this land, and that is easily forgotten or taken for granted. Many are moving to the country from the cities because of the cravings for space and safety that cannot be found in high-rise apartments with no yards.

Lucky, lucky, lucky. That is the refrain, my mantra as we move into our home more while the days grow colder.

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